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Sea of Tears and A rainbow to overcome

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. They attack us when we’re unaware they’re coming. Sadness or anger are the hardest to shake. It’s so easy for someone to say “just talk about it” but what happens when you have no one to talk to, or maybe you do but you feel so alone that the person or persons don’t exist. What do you do when your spirit is so heavy and your mind is clouded leaving you with a sea of tears?

As you grow you learn who you are, your wants your needs. You’ll go through a period where you don’t know who you are but that’s only because your learning. As you discover yourself you’ll sadly loose people who no longer fit in with the life your living. There’s no need to lie to yourself that they do. Friendships, relationships all one in the same. We out grow people and that’s perfectly fine. Know yourself, love yourself. Settle for what you deserve and nothing less.  And if you ever feel alone trust that one person your thinking of to be there for you will be there for …
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Love your Teeth!!!

Everyone has that characteristic they like about themselves, for me it’s my smile πŸ˜ƒ I love my smile, I love my teeth I love everything about dental hygiene πŸ˜‚
When I got turned on to the AP24 Toothpaste by Nuskin at first I thought it was regular toothpaste......WRONG!!!  

I had a dental appointment a month or two after using this toothpaste and my dental hygienist immediately said “have you changed your brushing routine” I replied no the only thing I changed was toothpaste. She said “really?  Your gums look amazing and your teeth look good as well” 
I’m telling you this stuff is golden! For her to notice something like that after only a month speaks volume. 
Get this toothpaste friends and have your teeth shining bright and your gums nice and healthy. Questions on where to get it? I thought you’d never ask. 
Shoot me an email or leave a comment below!!! 

Smile bright πŸ˜ƒ✌🏾

Vegan Tuna Sandwich πŸ˜‹

Omg friends! Vegan Tuna Sandwhich!!!!! I made this delicious recipe today using the ingredients in the photo (check IG) and it was so delicious. For those of you who have had tuna before you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. The flavor was there, the texture was there and then the added bonus of tomato and toasted bread πŸžπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
I was a little skeptical because I never liked mayonnaise ever. Putting vegan mayo in this chickpea base dish had me nervous. But just like the jar said it was better than mayo. 
I’m supposed to have this for lunch tomorrow but this might not make it to the next day 🀣 with plant based dishes like this makes me wonder what else I can create πŸ€”
Later loves ✌🏾

Billboard Awards 🎢

Hey loves!!!! So my daughter loves music and we watched the Billboard Awards together!! So many genres are covered.  Of course she didn’t stay up for the whole thing and neither did I, but here are our favorite highlights πŸ’œ

So I have to say it was so funny watching my daughter clap to the performances as if she understood what was happening.  Now onto the show.... 
come on Kelly!!!!! Come through with the opening, hitting all the major hits of the year and the gymnast behind her hitting all her stunts!!!!! Best opening in a while
Congrats to the best new artist winner Khalid!!! My money was on the mommy to be cardi b but hey send me your location Khalid!!!!
Top 100 was a really tough category!!! So many great songs! But congratulations to Despito. Love my Latin music. 
Congratulations to Taylor Swift taking home top female artist and top selling album. We haven’t seen ms Swift at an award show in almost 3 years so welcome back doll. Loved her dress I’m here for a thigh slit. 
There is stre…

Greys Anatomy: Personal Jesus

Last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy has my emotions all over the place.  Often we find ourselves dealing with situations that we don't understand; situations that we seek guidance for. The episode entitled "Personal Jesus" touched on racial bias, loss of a loved one, and trusting in your faith.  Or dare I say questioning your faith. 

The episode follows April Kepner who is played by Sarah Drew ( one of my favorite actress's) through an extremely heart breaking day.  She assist in the birth of a child who's father is the man she left at the alter.  She gives insight to a young man who tried to cut his hand off from his interpretation of scripture.  Then there's the young man who was shot as he tried to enter his own home and a Doctor put in her care from a hit and run.

Needless to say, the mother of that child died and so did the young man who was entering his home; to add insult to injury the doctor who was fine last she checked also died. 

One would go…

Plant Based Pasta... What????

So I thought I was in Italy enjoying a traditional Italian pasta with dinner last night.  My taste buds were clearly fooled by this delicious plant based dish.

For dinner last night I made baked Spaghetti Squash with tomato, basil, onion, and garlic.  The inspiration came from Tia Mowry's cookbook, and I was not disappointed.  It was completely filling and tasted just as good as a noodle pasta.   The great thing about this dish for me is that instead of feeling full and ready to lay down , I felt full and energized.  This is something I see myself making on the regular and adding different vegetables to the mix. 
XoXo Momma Vibes 

New Year, New Changes

Hey everyone! I'm back!!! New Year lots of things going on and the best part is more blogging!!! I'm very excited to really get my blog up and going this year.  I'll be mainly focusing on diet, mommy managing and of course TV! (Who doesn't love a good show) So with that being said, a new lifestyle change has happened.  I'm officially VEGAN (omg)  I've been a vegetarian for over five years and the change was awesome.  Becoming a vegan was prompted by giving birth to an amazing daughter.  Postpartum made me feel like I wanted a change for my daughter, a healthier change.  Thus the transition began.

So in the beginning giving up dairy was extremely difficult (omg) I missed it so much, but pizza (of course) was what I craved the most.  It was like I couldn't shake it.  I began to look for alternatives to my usual dominoes fix.  Side bar for those who are in the UK Pizza Hut now offers vegan pizza.  Anyway my new favorite pizza friends is Farmers Tomato Pie by …