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Greys Anatomy: Personal Jesus

Last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy has my emotions all over the place.  Often we find ourselves dealing with situations that we don't understand; situations that we seek guidance for. The episode entitled "Personal Jesus" touched on racial bias, loss of a loved one, and trusting in your faith.  Or dare I say questioning your faith. 

The episode follows April Kepner who is played by Sarah Drew ( one of my favorite actress's) through an extremely heart breaking day.  She assist in the birth of a child who's father is the man she left at the alter.  She gives insight to a young man who tried to cut his hand off from his interpretation of scripture.  Then there's the young man who was shot as he tried to enter his own home and a Doctor put in her care from a hit and run.

Needless to say, the mother of that child died and so did the young man who was entering his home; to add insult to injury the doctor who was fine last she checked also died. 

One would go through all of this and ask why? Why god? Why would you put me through all of this when you said you wouldn't give me more than I can bare.  You couldn't possibly believe that this is bearable.  I think this episode begins a journey in the story of what happens when a person is in pain and feeling broken.  What happens when faith is tested and doubt sets in?

 My heart shatters for anyone that's going through something that weighs heavy and having you question why.  I'm very interested to see how Sarah's character pushes through her pain.  Will she begin to question the God that she loves dearly and feels wouldn't give her what she couldn't handle? Or will the doubt set in, and her faith dwindle and her trust in God depart.

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